Electric Tart Burner Warmer with a Timer - Safer Alternative for Home Scenting

I ran across this nifty item, it's your standard hot plate type tart warmer but with a timer. Here are the details - The Timer Candle Warmer/Electric Tart Burner can be used with both wax potpourri and jar candles. The item has a 17 watt 4" heating plate and also includes an oversized bowl that can hold several wax potpourri. Can be set manually for up to 12 hours of heat or turned on without the timer.

Update 7/20/2013: Looks like the above item has been discontinued, but I found another one on Amazon. It's just the hot plate base, but you can buy a ramekin or glass votive holder to warm your tarts on it.

Update 11/3/2014: I found this wall plug in 24 hour timer, just plug your tart warmer into it and set the timer to shut off when you want. Easy!

Full disclosure, if you click on the links and buy from Amazon, I get a tiny commission. Thank you!


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