Friday, October 23, 2009

Toadstool Soaps Product Review: Deep Conditioning Hair Cream & Bar Soap

toadstool soap

I always love to see handmade bath and body sellers do well, the more, the merrier. Even though we all sell similar products, each owner/creator brings in their own unique "flair". Cheryl from Toadstool Soaps has been on eBay as long as I have and her feedback and reputation is impeccable. I know from personal experience that this is a result of hard work and love of bath & body products. We've been in contact for a couple years, mostly to lament the turmoil eBay creates with their never-ending and perplexing policy changes.
I recently asked her for conditioner suggestions and she quickly sent me a free sample of her deep hair conditioner and bar soap.

The deep hair conditioner was in Mistletoe, scent description "Blend of Holiday Spices & yep You will want to kiss someone. ;-)))". The scent was great for a morning conditioner and the cinnamon perked me right up. As per the directions, I applied the conditioner and let it sit for a 5 minutes and rinsed. I noticed when rinsing that my hair did not feel slick and slippery, like it was coated with something, it just felt clean. I did my usual light blow dry and my hair felt soft and smelled so good. I have fine, normal, non-color treated hair. I highly recommend this conditioner a couple times a week.

I also received a bar of Lavender buds soap. It smelled just like what I imagine a field of lavender flowers would smell. There were small lavender buds in the soap which added slight exfoliation. Once again, everything rinsed clean without that slick, slippery feel. I usually use a shower gel with a pouf, but this is a nice option. I can alternate between both.

Here's a link to her Etsy shop:
Etsy shop

This is an unsolicited review and I am not affiliated with Toadstool Soaps. Stop by and tell her Sue @ somethinspecial sent you.

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