Monday, March 29, 2010

My 1st Favorite Hiking Park - Glacial Park

glacial parkglacial park kameHere's a few photos from my first favorite park, Glacial Park in Ringwood, McHenry County. There a large kame, which looks like a hill from afar and a mountain when you're hiking up it. Almost to the top:
This park has 3270 acres of hiking pleasure, there are 7 miles of groomed paths and you can always go off the beaten trail, but only do so if you are familiar with the park layout. Here's a link to their map. There are so many paths that you can enjoy many variations so the boredom level is almost null. You can do a quickie 2 mile hike or a longer 6-7 mile adventure. Now is perfect because it's getting warm, the foliage is still low and there are no bugs, but in the summer, bring the bug spray and use it liberally. Sunscreen too. I use the Bullfrog spray combo sunscreen and bug spray and carry a little bottle on my hike to reapply after sweating it off.

All the people I've encountered have been friendly, but not overly so. There is a hill with a tree on it and flags are tied to the branches. They say things such as Peace or Love or Friendship or No More War. I like to call it Flag Hill. I see teens up there if I hike later in the day. I usually hike around them, but one day the hill was in my path and as I was passing by, they were nice enough to offer me a drink from their jug of water. It was fun seeing them hang out with their dog, guitar and some talking on their cell phones on beautiful sunny day. I think all the exercise and fresh air does wonders for your attitude. Natures Paxil :)

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