Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moraine Hills State Park

Recently I blogged about my favorite hiking park, Glacial Park. Today I tried out Moraine Hills State Park. This place is massive and very busy. I like how big it is but didn't like how crowded it is. I'm not used to bikers whipping up behind you and with my iPod blaring, I don't hear them, so I'm forced to concentrate on staying to the right. The paths are very clean, well paved and not very hilly, which is good if you're bringing kids & strollers. There seem to be a lot of signs prohibiting you from going off the path, which I'm not used to, but I can see why. You really need to stay on top of where your car is and where you are going:
moraine hills park

They do have a really nice bog walk/pier walk, which kids would love, I'm taking my 2 year old niece there tomorrow. They also are generous with the playground equipment and bathrooms. I think I'll reserve this one for weekday hikes and the hit the smaller ones for the weekends, that way I can avoid much of the crowds. And since I'm the boss, I can do this...which is definitely a small business owner perk.

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