Navy Tiger Cruise 2010 Adventure

I will be closed from Dec. 10th to Jan. 1st this year.

Why? My little sister is currently deployed on the USS Princeton as a Navy pilot. She's offered me the unique opportunity to board her ship in Honolulu, Hawaii and sail to San Diego for the last week of her deployment.

Although this is my busiest time of year and I love my bath and body business, this is a one-time only chance of a lifetime. I am invited to view first hand the daily life of an active duty Naval officer. I get to live on a war ship for a week and see all operations personally. I can swim with the dolphins and play with the whales. OK, that last part may be a stretch, but the first parts are true.

 **I did see a whale fluke and a bunch of dolphins!**

I did not make this decision lightly, after much analysis, I decided to go.

I do know that I've been closed down quite a bit this year, with the Chicago to LA move and now this. I am sorry for the interruption in service and hope that the temporary closure is not a huge inconvenience for all of my loyal customers. I will come back energized and excited to resume providing top quality, fresh made bath and body products.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback.
Thank you,

A quick luau before we get underway:
honolulu luau
My home for a week!
tiger cruise
First sunset completely surrounded by water, no land in sight.
tiger cruise
My sis, ready to fly away in her helo!
helo flight
pilot bec
Got my "Tiger Cruise Warfare Specialist" certificate!
tiger cruise
 As a life-changing adventure, I have to put this at the top of the list. For a week, I was up close and personal with all aspects of an active duty Navy warship. I took every opportunity to learn as much as I could from the bridge to the rudder. This really opened my eyes to how little of the world I have seen and motivated me to explore so much more. There were many favorite moments:

-Watching Toy Story 3 on the deck with only the ocean and stars all around us.
-Watching my sister take off and land her helicopter from the ship. Amazing.
-Coming into port in San Diego with all sailors at attention in their dress uniforms. I got chills.
-Seeing first hand how hard our military works to keep us safe and being so proud of them all.

If you ever have a chance to do a Tiger Cruise, DO NOT HESITATE! DO IT!


Valente1 said…
That will be a great experience for you so go experience it with your sister and then you can get back to your little business! Have a great time!
Thank you for the nice words!
Anonymous said…
The opportunity of a lifetime for sure! My daughter is currently serving on the USS George Washington and is enroute to Korea. What I wouldn't give to "walk in her shoes" for even a day!
No apologies needed to us....have a great time and go make some memories!
Have a great holiday.
I've been watching her ship on the news, tell your daughter thank you...
Beth said…
Awesome! Those of us in the San Diego area support you & your sister :)
Megan said…
That sounds like a really unique opportunity. I would jump at the chance too. Have a great trip!
Marcy said…
Sue, safe travels and enjoy! This is such a wonderful opportunity and I'm so glad to hear that you chose to take advantage of it, even with the pressures of the business potentially pulling you (or guilting you) to do otherwise!
Teresa said…
Take the opportunity and have lots of fun.
Carmen said…
Hi Sue,

what a great opportunity... also, no doubt, you made the right decision!!!! Supporting and spending time with the family are important. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Anonymous said…
You absolutely had to take this once in a lifetime chance. Have a great Holiday and we can stock up after Christmas! Enjoy!

Anonymous said…
That is excellent! I hope your memories of this opportunity remains fresh alwayss! Speaking as an Air Force veteran, there's nothing like the service...happy for you!

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