Monday, January 24, 2011

I somehow picked up a nasty trojan last month, it was a search redirect virus called Win32:cycbot-z. Anytime I'd google or yahoo search for something, it would redirect me to an ad site. After trying to troubleshoot it myself, I ran across and thought I'd give them a try before I ripped all my hair out, wiped my hard drive clean and reinstalled everything.
I created an account and posted on their board "Am I infected? What do I do?". A board member named trollocks had me run TDSSKiller and post my logs. After it was determined I needed deeper scans, they moved my posts to the "Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs" board.
This is a free service, so they are very busy, as you can imagine. After obsessively checking my initial posts a couple times a day, about 6 days later a board member named gringo_pr started working on my issue. Two days later with much some scanning, posting and interaction, my laptop is all cleaned up and working great.
Gringo was professional, patient, courteous and very, very thorough. My entire experience with was excellent. Once again, this is all free and the people who help you are all volunteers.
After your computer is fixed and running smoothly, they close your issue and very professionally ask for any kind of donation. I was more than happy to click on over to PayPal and send a little something that my budget could handle.

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