Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just read 703 by Nancy Makin

What a great book, get it read it. It's not your usual "I had trauma and ate to avoid my feelings then lost all the weight" story, but rather an introspective journey through her life with a very relevant and personal realization at the end. Thank you Nancy for sharing your story! And thank you for commenting on this post, it was an honor to have you stop by and read my itty bitty review!

You can buy this great book on Amazon:

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Nancy Makin said...

Suzanne! Thanks for the kind words, lady! I wrote my memoir with many people in mind, not just those who struggle with weight issues. So many obstacles stem from a misplaced sense of self and purpose. My journey taught me that we're all pretty much the same, just beneath the skin... and that life is there waiting to be embraced if only we will believe.

I believe.....

Thanks again, Suzanne!