Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do my tarts work in the Scentsy burners? A customer review...

I had a customer, Roberta, recently ask me if my tarts would work with the Scentsy burners. Since I do not own one nor have I tried it, I asked her to give it a shot and let me know. Here is her response:

Hi Sue:
    Your Dragons Blood soy tart melted nicely in my mid-size Scentsy burner!  If you do decide to mention something about this in your Ebay listings (at least one of your competitors does) you might want to know that Scentsys come in 3 sizes with 3 different wattage bulbs - 25, 20 & -I think- 15.  I have the 20 watt size.  I'm sure your tarts would work in the higher wattage one, not sure about the smallest which is sort of like a night light that plugs into the wall.
    Anyway, I'm going to be ordering more of your products on Ebay, if not now, then in the next day or so.  You sent me a nice little sample of your shea butter cream plus a 10% off offer on my next order, and those things really mean a lot!  Thanks very much, Sue.
scentsy tarts
So, YES, they work in the 20 watt Scentsy burners. Thank you Roberta!!

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