Friday, August 19, 2011

New Clamshell Scented Soy Wax Tarts similar to Scentsy

soy wax clamshell tarts
NEW! Super scented all natural soy wax in a 6 cube breakaway bar. Very easy to use, just open the clamshell container, flip it over and push out a chunk of wax into your warmer. All soy wax products freshly blended and poured when you place your order, so you can be confident they have not been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for months.

What are soy wax tarts?
Tarts are a wax potpourri that fragrances your home for many hours. Unlike candles that burn with a wick, tarts are placed in a tart warmer and slowly warmed from a small tea-light or electric heat source below it, which can be either a hot plate or light bulb. Tarts melt at a cooler temperature than candles which allows the fragrance to diffuse more rapidly and evenly. We've found soy tarts melt cleaner, quicker and burn slower than paraffin tarts, lasting up to 50% longer. And by buying and selling soy wax, we all help support the US Soy Farmers of America. The soy beans that make up our soy wax is grown in the USA and our tarts are made in the USA. Also a vegan product.

To safely change or dispose of tarts, allow wax to cool and harden. Then place your tart warmer into the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Wax should easily pop out, if not, carefully nudge with a butter knife.

As with all my products, I never add any artificial dyes or colors. Very helpful if you accidentally spill the wax on any carpets or counters, as they will not stain. Believe me, I've been there, so I know how hard it is to remove not only the scent (which dissipates over time), but any colored stain. Especially on tile grout. Not a mistake I'll ever repeat :)

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