Thursday, March 29, 2012

Best Buy has excellent customer service, esp Geek Squad

I bought an Asus G73SW Laptop Windows 7 computer last May and recently it's been having intermittent power problems, switching sporadically from AC to Battery mode without moving the computer. As my warranty was set to expire, I wanted this fixed ASAP. I brought in my precious (Gollum) to Best Buy, they said it was the power port and they needed to ship it back to Asus under warranty. I brought it  back home, transferred all my work to my old Vista Laptop (slow, old, hated it, but a great backup) and regretfully handed my Asus over to the Geek Squad. They said my data could be wiped out and it could take 2-5 weeks to get it back. I was prepped for the worst.

Fast forward 4 (FOUR) business days later and I get a call from Best Buy stating my precious was ready for pickup! I raced out the door, jumped in my car and fidgeted in line while some dude was getting his slow XP desktop looked looked at because it's been "glitchy" and "not working right". Well, duh.

Anyway, they were waiting for the XP to boot up, the Geek Squad guy helped me out. We booted up precious and not only is it working great (the power port is more secure), I did not lose all my data. It was all still there. No need to restore/recover/reblah blah. New AC Adapter, new battery. No charge.

It felt like I just won and all expense paid 2 week vacation to Disneyland for myself and 10 of my closest friends and family.

Bravo Best Buy. Bravo Geek Squad.

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