Thursday, April 5, 2012

eBay & their constantly changing seller rules

I've been selling and buying on eBay since 1998 and the one constant is the constantly changing rules. They can do a 180 faster than any politician. Their newest set of changes will punish sellers that offer anything less than a 1 day ship time.

Although I'd love to be able to ship in 1 day, it's just not possible to do so and offer fresh made bath & body items. I do not want to break my promise to you, my customer, that your items are made fresh to order, not sitting on some shelf for months, even years, before you buy them. But, I do not want to stop selling on eBay and disappoint a very loyal and long term customer base. It's bad enough I'll have to raise some eBay prices to accommodate their new rules. I hate raising prices, but I do need to stay in business.

What to do?

I've decided to remove all long prep items from the eBay shop and only leave in the fast ship, quick prep items. This will reduce my shop from over 2000 items to just under 500. That means all soy wax tarts, sugar scrubs, bath whip, shower gel, sachets, gift sets, body & room sprays, solid perfumes, larger lotions, etc.

I will still offer all these items on my web site and I'm starting to fill up my Etsy shop too.

I'm sad, I can see the writing on the wall, eBay wants to move towards a larger, commodities market and weed out the small, handmade, handcrafted independent sellers. Since I choose not sell iPods, HD TVs or laptops, eventually I will have to close my eBay shop. Just not today.

**Update, I left eBay selling (I still buy) for good on January 1, 2015. My sales have not been negatively impacted and for my category, hand-made fresh body care, it was a good decision.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just started to buy your products and I absolutely love them. At work I have all the girls try all the new scents I have purchased...Love them! I am so sorry this is happening to you and other small businesses but if you do move I will shop for your products on the sites you mentioned! Hang in there! I wish you the very best!

sue keida said...

One day shipping is absolutely ridiculous! I think you're assessment of where Ebay is going is spot on.
I love your products and will never ding your ratings for anything!! I'm sorry that the rules have to apply to everyone. Your business is not a "one day shipping" reality!!

sue keida said...

Sue, this is so ridiculous! With your type of business one day shipping is not the least bit reasonable. I love your products and would never ding your DSR's no matter what.
Unfortunately I think your assessment of where Ebay is going is spot on :(
Sue K said...

Thanks Sue K., but I've learned that to sell on eBay you have to either adapt or perish. I'm not ready to end our 14 year relationship just yet, but I'm close. I just hate leaving all my awesome eBay customers or forcing them to transition to a purchasing channel they may not be comfy with (my web site). Oh well, onward!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would rather wait a few days for you to make something fresh than to shop on EBay. I'll just move to your website. Thank you for letting us know what is going on.

Amanda Elsner said...

I just about panicked when I visited your ebay store just now and there are no items for sale. I thought you had gone out of business. I will gladly go to your website or Etsy store instead. Just glad you are still around - love your products!

ralcorn said...

You handled this well with the factual, even-keel explanation immediate to your eB listings - thanks! I've purchased from both eB (that's where I discovered SS) & now exclusively through your site, so hopefully others can make the same transition. Same secure payment option via PayPal, plus the free shipping (that's one reason I switched) might be incentives :>) Keep up the great work - your quality & service will keep loyal customers shopping!