Sunday, January 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II 2 Review

It was time to upgrade my HTC Evo, I've had it for over 2 years and the little thing was slowing down. I looked at all my options on the Sprint web site, it was a toss up between the iPhone 5 and the Note II, I chose the Samsung Galaxy Note II. The reviews were really good and my current plan was supported.

I ordered it on a Sunday night and it showed up on Tuesday. Fast. I opened the box and thought, uh oh, this phone is way too big. It dwarfed my Evo and almost looks at big as my Kindle Fire. This phone is huge with a 5.5" display:

kindle fire galaxy note 2

I was concerned with pocket-ability, I hike daily and I need a phone that can fit in my pocket comfortably for emergencies and random nature pictures. I had a 14 day trial period, so I took it out of the box and fired it up.

It does not use the standard SIM card, so I just plugged it in and followed the directions for activating my new phone. It transferred all my contacts and calendar over, which I made sure to sync with Google before activation. Super easy. Now to play with it.

Even though the phone is big, it is very slim and weighs less than the Evo. It feel very solid and the back plate is secure (the Evo back plate never snapped in tight, there was always a little gap). I chose the Titanium Gray. I uploaded all my apps, wanting to really run it hard for a few days to test the battery life. I was constantly charging my Evo, so I wanted to see if this would match the amazing battery life reviews.

It has exceeded my expectations. I had it unplugged for over 24 hours (which would have killed my Evo in 4 hours even with all the apps shut down) and I still had 62% battery life. Amazing. Incredible. After years of being tied to an AC adapter, I was free (for at least 48 hours).

It is a big phone and I really thought I'd look silly with this tablet pressed against my ear. You'll be surprised at how quickly you adapt and never even think of it again once you get used to it. The call sound quality is much better than the Evo.

Even if you think you will never use it, as I did, the Stylus pen and S-Note (the note taking app that comes pre-installed) is a nice feature. It's really convenient to pull it out and jot down quick notes. I've not used the sharing feature because I don't know anyone else that has a Note II, but that looks cool. The camera is nice quality for my random pics, so is the video camera.

So, I boxed up my Evo to be recycled and shipped it back to Sprint. My 14 day trial has come and gone. The phone does not fit into my pocket, but it's cold now, so I wear hoodies with big pockets and for the summer, I've found an armband that will work just fine. Next time I buy cargo shorts, I'll get bigger pockets. I'll adapt my wardrobe to the phone, cause it's a keeper.


FaceFab said...

This was incredibly helpful, thank you so much for this review!
It's almost time for me to start shopping again & I'm a verizon razr (droid) user.
I love it, but like your evo it's starting to s.l.o.w. down with all of the changes I put it through, lol.
=D said...

Happy to help! It's a big decision because we all rely on our smartphones so much now, so getting as much information as possible before buying is very important.


FaceFab said...

So true, especially if you own a business! There's all sorts of useful things are phones can do beside play angry birds, which is VERY important btw, lol!

Have a great weekend!
Erika =D

FaceFab said...

Whoops! "our", lol.