Friday, March 22, 2013

Vacation & Moving Schedule 2013

It's a busy year and I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on some big dates here at

I will be closed from April 25th to May 6th, I'm going to California to meet my new nephew Hunter and spend a week helping my sis with daycare. I can't wait to spoil him like crazy!

cute nephew

On June 1st I'll be moving from Chicago to Sedona, AZ. When I designed my business, I wanted to make it as mobile as possible, so it can be run from anywhere in the world. This will be the 2nd time I'm doing a cross country move and I'm really excited about exploring more of the USA. 10 cities in 10 years? Why not?! I'll be closed from approximately May 28th to June 5th. I will work hard to make my down times as short as possible.

Some fragrances and products will be going into out of stock status before these dates. Also, look for some pre-moving sales I'll be running!

I will give plenty of advance notice on Facebook, Twitter and via the newsletter mailing list.


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