Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My review of, customer since 2007

I've been using since 2007 and have almost always been really happy with the service. I had used prior to and had switched because they were no longer accepting my credit card for postage purchases. This was a big turn-off for me because I use a cash back rewards card for my purchases and after spending around $15,000 a year on postage, this came to a nice chunk of change I was not willing to miss out on.

All my selling venues offer their own postage printing service (as of now, not back in 2007), but I wanted a central printing place, instead of logging into eBay and printing there, then logging into Etsy and printing those orders, then logging into Volusion and using the site to print. See what I mean? Way too cumbersome. offers this and works really well with my Zebra LP-2844 printer.

I have the $15.99 per month package (which is the Pro plan) and I also like that I can buy insurance for international shipments. When the PO increases their prices (seems like every year), is quick to notify you in advance and update their software with the new fees.

In the last 6 years of printing, I've had crash twice without any realistic resume service time. Once was earlier this year and it was really aggravating that I wasn't getting any answers and the clock was ticking. I had customer orders to ship and it's not my customers problem that is down, it is my problem to solve. I did have to use the alternative shipping services (eBay, Etsy, USPS) for that one day and it really sucked. So I do appreciate the service, but have found that if they ever crash again, I have a backup plan. Hopefully they never will.

I would recommend them, they've been a really good postage printing service for my small business. If you'd like to give them a try, use this link:

And use offer code C-6Y34-ZBV. This will give you a free 4 week trial and $100 in free stuff ($45 in free postage, a digital scale worth $50 and $5 in shipping supplies).

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