Saturday, July 13, 2013

I used the Zum Bed Bug Spray

I've long admired Indigo Wild and their Zum products from afar for years, I stumbled across their mantra or what we believe page and felt I found kindred souls. But alas since I sell what they sell, I've not had a chance to buy anything that I can't already make.

Until now.

They posted a good review of their Bed Bug Spray on their Facebook page and timing is everything, because I was just getting ready to move from Chicago to Arizona and I was afraid of any creepy crawlies I may pick up on the journey.

I'm not afraid of much, I hike all the time and see all kinds of critters, but bed bugs skeeze me out. Those things run all over you while you are sleeping and then latch on to your PJs for a ride to the next bed. Gross.

So I went to their web site and ordered up a bottle.

It came super quick and they included a goodie bag of samples which I loved. Then it made me wonder why I don't do the same thing for my customers. Then I realized I'm only one person and I would never get any orders shipped out if I doubled my production.

zum bed bug spray

There was a Zum rub sample, body wash, lotion and soaps. My mom stopped by, so it was divvied up pretty quick. I kept the rub & body wash for my trip. She grabbed the rest.

Anyway, if they wanted to delight me before I even used the product I ordered, mission accomplished.

I hit my first hotel after dodging a tornado in Kearny, Nebraska, a Hilton. I was fried, frazzled and ready for a good nights sleep. I generously sprayed the pillows, sheets and blankets. The scent was really nice, I could really pick up on the cinnamon essential oil. Slept great, no tickles or bites during the night.

The second hotel was the majestic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO (read my review here), this one was built in 1909 and even though it's fancy, it's old. Bed bug potential here. Same procedure, same outcome.

Lastly, made it to Sedona, AZ and was wiped out after a 14 hour drive. Stayed at the La Quinta. Carpet looked icky, wore flip flops in the room, and the bed sunk when I got in it, so it's been there awhile. Same procedure, except this time I sprayed the carpet, TV, desk and clock radio just to be safe. I was very surprised to wake up without one bite, tickle, nibble, anything.

SUCCESS! If you need a natural, effective bed bug spray for your journeys, I highly recommend the Indigo Wild Zum Bed Bug Spray. And it smells good.

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becacine said...

You should try their Y.U.M. spray if you like patchouli. And their top selling Frank & Myrrh laundry soap is insane.

I just placed my first order with you due to a great Swapper sending me a sample of your amazing patchouli cream ☼