Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Advent calendars, a pre-Christmas warm up gift for the little ones

When I was a little girl, I loved advent calendars. There was something fun about counting down to the big day and opening the little doors on the calendar every day to see the picture behind it.

Now there are so many DIY ideas for advent calendars, my computer nearly exploded when I googled it.

Here's one of my favorite idea spots, courtesy of Pinterest of course:

I especially liked this one using little tins:
advent calendars diy

Here's a blog that lists 33 clever ideas for advent calendars:


They feature one that has a cute display complete with little critters:

diy advent calendars

Apartment Therapy has always been a favorite site cause I live in apartments as I explore the US and they give great ideas on how max out your smaller spaces. And make cute advent calendars:


I love the black and white boxes on a bulletin board idea:

diy advent calendars

Now if those links don't ignite your crafty holiday engine, I don't know what will! See ya later, I'm heading to Micheals and Hobby Lobby....

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