Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review of the IOGEAR Wireless 4-Port USB Sharing Station GUWIP204
I've always used a backup laptop as my printer server for my 3 printers (laser, inkjet and thermal label), but when my backup laptop bit the dust, I had to decide on either buying another laptop or trying to hook up all my printers to my main laptop or buying new wireless printers. Well, all those choices seemed cumbersome and aggravating and expensive, so I searched for a wireless printer server. There are lots of choices and price ranges and reviews. I finally settled on this IO Gear 4 port USB printing station for $64.29 from Amazon. Since I'm a Prime member, 2 day shipping was free.

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It came fast, I opened it up and started the installation process. I just followed the directions, making sure I had the printer driver CD's (I did) and only connecting the printers when the software prompted me to (I did). Everything plugged in and installed perfectly. I set up the laser printer to auto-connect, since I use it the most, but when I need to use the inkjet, I have to disconnect from the laser and connect to the inkjet. No big deal for me.

Sometimes the IO Gear screen will show no printers available for printing (usually after the laptop has been in sleep mode all night). When that happens, I'll just exit the IO Gear software and start it up again. Works every time (so far).

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