Crafty holiday gift ideas from Pinterest

Oh Pinterest. How did I find these ideas before you existed? Every week I'll get an email from Pinterest with ideas they think I might like. How do they know this stuff about me?

Here's a board I followed a couple weeks ago, it features home made gift ideas, for you and/or you and the kiddos:

I am particularly loving/wanting to try this Felt Handprint Mitten Ornament
felt mitten ornament

From the same board, look how cute these are:

tea light snowman ornies
And this board:
Cardboard tube (aka toilet paper roll) gift boxes:

toilet paper tube gift boxes

If you run out of bows, just print your own! Genius!

printable bows
And if you have a few empty bottles of wine hanging around

wine bottle christmas decor
Time to get crafting, the holidays are upon us!!


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