Freeze lotion refill bags? Yes it can be done.

I get the absolute best emails and ideas from my customers. Here's a recent one:
Hi! Sue,
Just sharing a couple of recent experiences.
1.) Purchased 16 oz  "Coconut Craze" whipped body soufflĂ© 12 - 15 -2012.  Froze 8 oz  (curious to try this, anyway) Triple layer zip loc bags wrapped in aluminum foil.  Use your lotion every day... fabulous, esp thru winter mths. 
Lotion dispenser ran out last night... set frozen 8 oz lotion on the counter to thaw. Refilled this a.m. (easy peasy: clip corner, use a dough scraper, gets every last drop!) It didn't separate or get gluey or lose fragrance... or any of the typical freezing issues one might expect. Cool! You're prolly already aware of all this but it's new to me and a nice little factoid to share w. sisters/ friends.
2.) Hubby's in his suit n' tie this morning, running late for a scheduled meeting. "Where's that stuff that smells so good?"
"Erm.... Gonna have to be more specific, babe?"
(By now he's getting impatient) "You know?... that stuff?... from your gal?... that smells GOOD??"
 "Honey, you've just described everything I order from Sue?"  Deduced he must mean Applejack/peel lotion sample you sent w. an order? Loves it on his cracked hands. Working on farm equipmt is harsh - greased gears/parts so he's constantly washing his hands in solvent... ugh. I opened the container, he swiped out what was left and dashed out the door.
Soooooo...... how's your day unfolding? (*snort!*)

So if you are ever wondering, yes you can buy the lotion refill bags in bulk, freeze the lotion and reuse it later. Great tip!!


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