Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Etsyonsale Etsy Shop App Review

I've been itching to try etsyonsale and thought the Black Friday weekend would be the perfect time to give it a shot in my Etsy shop.

I went to their site,, clicked on Seller Tools and logged in with my Google account. After telling them who I am and which shop I have, I was all set with 5 free credits to try out.

Apparently every "Sales Event" is 4 credits no matter how many items you have in your shop. So I get to try this out for free. Just getting better.

On Tuesday, I set up a sale of 15% off everything to run from Wednesday to Monday. You can pick the times to start and end, which is nice. Fingers crossed. I immediately received an email confirming the details.

The sale started without any problems. It ran smoothly and when it was done, it restored all my listings to normal. I really could set it and forget it.

I'm very impressed with the ease of use and the customer service email communications. I'll definitely be using this again very soon. And the sale was a success, many bath & body goodies were sold worldwide.

PS: They also have a tag tool and an auto-renew tool, both of which I have yet to try. Also, not affiliated, just a happy customer. If you do decide to try them, please use referral code GR9U3OY8YM or click the link below and I'll get a few free credits to run more sales!

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