I quit TV. Kinda. My story.

quit tv

So when I was moving from Chicago to Sedona in June 2013, I had to decide what goes in the car, what ships and what I will donate. I knew my 45" flat screen would not fit in the car with all my greatly downsized worldly possessions, so I had to make a choice. After a life long love affair with TV, I decided to let it go (secretly thinking if I really, really missed it, I could buy another one in Sedona).

I won't lie to you, I also have a 17" screen laptop and a Kindle Fire HD and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, all on which I can watch anything. But I was giving up the comfort of popping on CNN at 4pm and when dinner time came, having a fully loaded DVR of shows ready to watch. HBO cause I had to watch Game of Thrones and Showtime cause I had to watch Dexter. It is a big addiction.

So when I got to Sedona, I hooked up with Amazon Prime, because of the free 2 day shipping (there are no big box stores in Sedona) and the huge video library. I watched all the Star Trek Enterprises (didn't see them during the 1st run), but it was nice, 1 hour commercial free snippets, so my whole night wasn't back to back TV binging. And after hiking all day, that was enough. I also started reading more, since I didn't have the TV to dull my senses and check out.

Then the new seasons started and I needed my Big Bang Theory & Good Wife fix, I got Hulu Plus, briefly, then cancelled it. I can watch for free on Hulu or directly on the networks. The Hulu Plus $8 a month fee gave me the ability to watch it on my Kindle & Galaxy Note 2, which I don't need, the laptop is just fine. I also do have Netflix for a bit of Saturday movie night variety, but it's only $8 a month and House of Cards was worth it.

So although I have not completely quit TV, I have decreased my viewing by at least 50%. And my internet bill? $65 a month (not including Amazon Prime at $79 a year/$6.58 a month or Netflix at $7.99 a month). A nice 50% savings from my old AT&T Uverse bill of $130 per month.

Anyone else ever do this? I'd like to hear your story, share it by commenting below.


Anonymous said…
I do have a story like that. I was paying over $200 a month for phone AT&T DSL and DirevtTV. After a life changing event (my wife left me) I moved the phone and Internet services over to Comcast (which my company paid for) and bought an AppleTV for television shows with using a simple antenna to get my local channels. Total monthly savings with buying only the shows I actually want to watch from Apple was $170.

This was fine while I lived alone, but eventually I remarried and started up a family. Of course that entails buying all new things. So I signed back up for DirectTV and kept that for many years. I actually just got rid of it again this Fall when I sat down to watch the first Cicago Bears game and the DVR was still paused on the Masters (which had aired in April, 5 months before the Bears game).

Turns out my children prefer to watch the AppleTV and never bother with actual broadcast television. We have one of those new 80" UHD 4k Samsung TV's and the AppleTV's picture is far superior on that to anything else. Couldn't ask for more.
Jim Leeseman said…
Thanks for posting that, can't believe you left J'Burg, never thought I'd see the day...that took much more drive and determination than I ever could have come up with. Congrats.

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