Sedona climb: Bear Mountain Trail # 54

bear mountain trail #54
This has been one of my favorite hikes in Sedona. It's a tough one, 4 hours round trip, but such a great work out and the views are so worth it. I've done it 4 times, the most recent one, today, 12/15/2013. My elevation gain was 2005' (start: 4466' at the parking lot trailhead, end: 6471' at the summit).

There are no wussy switchbacks here, most of the trail is just climbing straight up rocks. Great cardio.
bear mountain trail
Here's a big rock that looks ready to tumble on down.
bear mountain rock
Heading up to the first ridge.
bear mountain ridge one
Made it to my first 1000', stop and enjoy the view.
bear mountain ridge one view
Yep, 1/2 way up there and this is where I'm headed.
bear mountain point
Getting closer.
bear mountain sedona
bear mountain sedona
Almost there.
bear mountain sedona
So close.
bear mountain sedona
top of bear mountain
Views for days....and days...spent some time running around the top getting great shots...definitely tested the limits of my panoramic setting.
bear mountain views
bear mountain views
bear mountain views

Have you ever done this hike or a similar one?? I'd love to hear about it, leave a comment below!


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