Sunday, January 5, 2014

Best selling products of 2013

1. Body, room & linen spray
body spray
2. Shea butter cream lotion
shea butter cream
3. Perfume sample pick 4 pack
perfume samples
4. Dry oil body spray
dry oil body spray
5. Single sample size perfume oil
perfume sample
6. Perfume roll on
perfume roll on
7. Soy wax tart bars in clamshell
soy wax tart clamshell
8. EDP perfume sprays
perfume spray
9. Solid perfume
solid perfume
10. Massage oil
massage oil
What was your favorite bath & body product of 2013, from my shop or any shop?? Please comment and share your top picks.


Lauren R said...

My faves are the massage oil, tarts and edp spray! I also enjoy the bath whip and roll ons. The dry oil spray is perfect for hair too. So pretty much everything. I am addicted!

Sue Faunt said...

I'm glad you like pretty much all the scented delights, thanks Lauren!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!
Almost ready to order but need I need to know if the Shea Butter Cream comes in scents? Specifically Pink Sugar? Thank you!

Sue Faunt said...

Sure does, you can get the shea butter cream in any fragrance on the scent list:
Fragrance List