Sedona climb: Munds Wagon #78 to Cowpies to Hangover Trail Loop

munds wagon trail
This is one of my favorite day hikes, it's not a real long one, 8.6 miles round trip, but the views from all sides are spectacular. And you get to climb up Snoopy, one of Sedonas prominent rock formations. You can kinda see the Snoopy formation at the right angle, it looks like him laying on his dog house.
pink jeep tours
Of course, on this beautiful day (1/11/2014) the ubiquitous Pink Jeeps were running non-stop.
hangover trail sign
Hangover Trail sign, today I'll hike past it do a counter clockwise loop and come up behind Snoopy.
cowpies trail
Snoopy from the NE.
cow pies vortex
Cow Pies Vortex.
sedona trail
This is where I was when my mom called to tell me they were freezing in Chicago and watching the ice fisherman on the river. HA!
hangover trail
Yes, this is part of the actual trail. How do I know? There's white paint stripes as trail markers (see the arrow) and you just follow them. Always make sure you have grippy hiking shoes, I like Merrells or Scarpas.
wilson mountain
This is my favorite part, I hit the first saddle and you can see the Midgley Bridge and Wilson Mountain to the North.
munds mountain
And Munds Mountain to the South.
can you read my aura
Can you read my aura?
trail break luna bar
Well deserved Luna bar break.
sedona trail
icy sedona trail
Warm 65 degree day, so it's weird to see ice on the trail.
sedona view
Another great view of Sedona. You can see Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock.
snoopy rock
Snoopy up close & personal.
neato vacuum
And the best part? My new robot vacuumed all the floors while I was having fun hiking ;)

I hope you enjoyed my little rave about this Sedona hike, if you have any questions or want to share any epic hikes you've done, please comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy in Sedona,


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