Epson Workforce WP-4020 wireless color inkjet printer review
My little workhorse, my Epson Workforce 30 was getting ready to give it up. It had served me well for years, so it was time to shop for a new printer.

After much research, I chose the Epson WorkForce WF-7010 from Best Buy. Ordered it up on-line and UPS showed up with a HUGE box. Wow, it's big. I fired it up, installed the ink, added some paper and nothing. It wouldn't recognize the paper as loaded, so it wouldn't test print. I reloaded the paper in all the trays, then just one at a time, no good.

Emailed Epson, got the general walk through that the manual gave me, still no luck (yes, I actually read the manuals). Called Epson, same story, no help whatsoever, no reason why it's doing this, they said return it to Best Buy. Called Best Buy to see if they could help, nope, just bring it in. Boxed up this monster, loaded it in my car and drove to Flagstaff to return it, in a torrential downpour. Aggravating.

Back to square one.

This time went to Amazon, shopped around, researched, and picked up the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4020 Wireless Color Inkjet Printer with the SquareTrade 2-year Office Protection Plan.

This is a great little printer. I've had it since September and never had to buy an ink cartridge and my ink levels are great as of today (2/3/2014):

epson ink levels

And I use it daily to print my product labels, so it's not a light use printer. I love that it's wireless and that it worked the first time I hooked it up and every day since. The print quality is great. No problems at all.

Another key point is the price of the ink jet cartridges. We all know from the past that the "free" printer you got with your PC purchase carries a $40 per cartridge price tag which needs to be replaced monthly. The ink for this printer is $38.49 for the black and $28.49 for each of the colors, magenta, cyan & yellow. Since it looks like I'll only need a couple per year, it's a deal and a half.

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April Nystrom said…
Great Information! When I am ready to buy a new printer, I will remember this. Thank you for taking the time to write this review!!!

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