Facebook Likes Experiment

I got it into my head that I wanted 10,000 Facebook likes. I envisioned being the queen of Facebook marketing with social klout in all things bath and body.

So I got to work. I do what I do, which is look around for people who are doing it well and get their advice.

Just a quick back track to why I focused on Facebook. After running last years Google Analytics number, I found Facebook to be my #3 referrer after google organic and direct entry. So focusing on increasing that number seemed to be the next logical step.

First I went to Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook asked me if I would like to run a campaign to get more likes (well, they've been asking for years) and I finally said yes please, I certainly would. I'm ready. Dazzle me with your can't miss, killer likes campaign and I will give you money.

facebook likes ad
Here's what they suggested I use, so I did a sponsored story, desktop newsfeed, desktop right hand side and mobile. I chose parameters based on age, likes, etc. Here's the results screen shots:

facebook likes campaign 1

I ran it on a Sunday & Monday (don't know why, just had the time), spent $16.42 to get 52 likes. So I paid .32 cents per like. Is that a good price? Is it worth it? I have absolutely no idea. But I do know to get to 10,000 likes, I need about 7,600 more, so that will cost me $2432. Yikes.

So onward. I listened to this Ryan Skelly podcast courtesy of Micheal O'Neal at solohour.com:

Decided I did in fact want to become a Facebook Ninja instead of a Facebook social klout queen, so I joined the Area 51 Facebook Marketing Group:
Was sent this video:

Took notes, started watching right side ads to get ideas for graphics and text. If something looked interesting, I'd use the snipping tool to capture the image and study it.
facebook right side ads
Then I created 4 ads to split test (felt like a fancy marketing ninja just typing that), all right hand side ads. I made sure they all had borders and chose my parameters. I chose to run it right before a big sale I had planned, started 2/28, ended 3/6:
facebook likes campaign 2
Lo and behold little girl holding nose outperformed all the others, much to my surprise. Thanks little girl. So a couple days into the campaign, I did some further tweaking, I suspended the low performing ads, kept the little girl, added Canada and few "stock" photo ads that Facebook kindly offered me for free. And I played with different border colors for the little girl:
facebook likes campaign 3
Little girl rocks it again! So when this second campaign ended, I spent $90.79 for 251 likes. That would be .36 cents per like.

So what does this mean? How can I tell if it's a success or not? That depends on my goals, do I want higher sales? Yes, that would be nice. How do I measure it?

For the sale before this one, I received 22 Facebook referrals. For the sale post-Facebook likes campaign, I received 42 Facebook referrals. And the sales totals were 30% higher than the last sale. So I spent $107.21 for both Facebook campaigns and got an additional $501.49 in sales. Everything else pretty much remained the same as far as emails sent via iContact, Tweets and Facebook posts.

So moving forward, it looks like Facebook likes do directly increase my sales numbers, for now. I will continue to run likes campaigns and monitor, test and tweak.

I hope sharing this process with everyone will help you figure out how to use Facebook in your marketing mix. If you have any questions, suggestions, tips, please comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

Facebook Marketing Ninja-in-training, I'm thinking maybe a soft, taupe colored belt for now


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