I'm never vacuuming again. Thanks Neato! Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Review

neato vacuum
I recently got tired of vacuuming. I thought to myself "is there some kind of service or machine that can do this for me?". So I went to the most logical place to find anything, Amazon. I searched for robot vacuum and was directed to this page:

Hmmm, $353.57. Well, it would save me time (cha-ching) and save me from hiring a cleaning company (cha-ching), so really that price was not all that bad. An hour reading reviews and 1-click later and the Neato was on its way to me (CHA-CHING).

A few days later (love you Amazon Prime free 2 day shipping), unboxed my new toy and charged it up for 24 hours.

So for the first run they recommend you follow it around and remove obstacles, cords or anything that could jam up any normal vacuum. I hit the big orange clean button twice and followed it around like an amazed acolyte, clearing obstacles and marveling at something other than me doing the vacuuming in my house.

It is a vacuum cleaner, so it is as loud as a vacuum cleaner. No problem for me as I now run it before I leave the house. The first time I emptied the bin and cleaned, I almost choked/sneezed/puked at the amount of dust and debris it picked up. I immediately ran it again, same result. The poor little thing needed to charge up another 24 hours before running it again. Which it did, much less debris, thankfully. I was shocked at how dusty my house is. No wonder my eyes itch so bad sometimes.

Went back to Amazon and bought a couple more filters in case I break the one I received.

About the filter, the instructions say to tap away the dust then if you need to, vacuum it out. To avoid having to use another vacuum (kinda defeats the purpose of the Neato), I just keep an old toothbrush by my trash can and brush out the dust from the filter. Since I bought some extra filters, every week I'll pop one into the dishwasher and rotate them weekly. And it's very polite, asking nicely to replace the dust bin when you take it out for cleaning:

neato polite
I must say this unit does a great job of cleaning the house. It gets under the bed and couch, around the corners, all the edges. I have tiles floors and carpet and it cleans both. I like it so much I've gave away my big clunky vacuum. I bought a small, cordless vacuum for baseboards, corners and the car, so if I need a handheld crevice or brush tool, I have it.

 I've taken to running it daily. And am still surprised by how much dust is picked up. Seriously, who knew. I can say my eyes don't itch as much and less sneezing.

So, if you are wondering whether or not to buy this, DO IT! It will save you time, which is our most valuable asset, and free it up to do the things you really want to do. Which for me, means more hiking and exploring.


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