Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sedona climb: North Wilson Mountain #123

north wilson mountain #123
This is a challenging hike, 9 miles round trip. It starts at a different trailhead than the Wilson Mountain #10 hike, but you end up on the same mountain. I started at the Encinoso Picnic Area trailhead at 10:15 am on 4/6/2014. Since my altimeter app decided to croak, I have to rely on google search, starting elevation 4750'. Here we go, starting the climb up:
north wilson mountain hike
And up. Getting some final views of Oak Creek.
north wilson mountain hike
Entering the Red Rock Secret Moutain Wilderness. Sssh. It's a secret:

north wilson mountain hike
Hit the First Bench at 11:37:
north wilson mountain first bench
Hit the fork in the road by the big fallen tree (one of thousands) at 12:16. I went right today:
wilson mountain fork
Dead trees everywhere to hurdle on this stretch of the trail. Bad place for a vampire:
wilson mountain trees
Victory! Hit the overlook at 12:54 for views aplenty. Google said the elevation here is 6970':
wilson mountain views
wilson mountain views
 wilson mountain views
Now for a nice leisurely stroll down the mountain:
wilson mountain views
 wilson mountain views
And this guy:
Got back to my car at 3:15 pm, so the round trip time was 5 hours. I did lollygag at the top for about 20 mins. and spent another 15 mins. giving trail directions to 3 different couples. If you've ever done this hike or have any questions about it, leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

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