Sedona Birthday Helicopter Ride

My 50th (yes five oh) birthday was May 5th and I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. So I booked a helicopter tour with Sedona Air Tours. They had 3 tours to choose from, I picked the Ancients Way Tour because I'm fond of those hiking trails and that area of Sedona.

I showed up bright and early on May 5th ready to fly. After checking in, weighing in and getting our pre-flight instructions, I hopped on board:

sedona air tours
Roger that, ready to launch:
ready to fly
Pilots name was Big John originally from Iowa. Here we go:
sedona helicopter view
Big John kept us informed of what we were seeing, but I was so dazzled I barely could take it all in.
sedona helicopter view
A quick pass over Devils Bridge:
devils bridge sedona
Just one jaw dropping breath taking view after another. And this from someone who's been running all over these rocks for 11 months:
ancients wayancients way
We saw lots of ruins left by the people who used to live in these rocks:
ancients way
A quick pass over Doe Mountain:
doe mountain
And coming in for landing:
sedona airport
It was over way too soon and my first thought was wow, followed by again again, when can I do this again. I'll try to squeeze in one more flight before I head out to California.


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