Bye Sedona, it's been an amazing year!

I'm so happy I took a year to explore Sedona. It's truly a beautiful place that everyone should visit once in their lives.

My favorite part is the over 100 hiking trails. This entire town is composed of interconnected hiking trails. And I hiked every single one. The Sedona Parks District does an exemplary job of maintaining these trails and I very rarely saw neglected, damaged areas or trash. My favorite hikes in order:

1. Bear Mountain
2. Wilson Mountain
3. Hangover Trail
4. HiLine Trail loop with a quick climb up Cathedral Rock
5. AB Young Trail (be careful crossing Oak Creek before and after the trail)
6. Scheurman Mountain
7. All the rest

I pushed my body further than I ever thought I could and became stronger in the process. I've had countless blisters, muscle aches, dehydration, elevation sickness, heat stroke and when I was positive I could not take another step, I did it anyway. I met someone new every day: hikers, bikers, unemployed, millionaires, retired, military, locals and people from all over the world.

And I turned 50 in this beautiful place and celebrated with a helicopter ride over my lovely Sedona.

A couple things surprised me:
1. There is a monsoon season here. It was from July to September when I was here. It poured rain almost every afternoon. You can see the huge dark clouds coming your way and it was really beautiful. So yes, it does rain here.
2. Cost of living was very reasonable. I am used to paying Chicago prices and the expenses here were very low. Rent, electricity, fuel, all about 20% - 30% lower than Chicago.
3. Vortexes: I felt nothing at the Cathedral Rock, Airport and Cow Pies vortexes, but felt peace and calm at the Boynton Canyon and Bell Rock vortexes. Just sayin'.
4. Except for the helicopters during the day, it is very, very quiet here. Not many police or fire sirens, d-bags with loud sub-woofers in their cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, none of that. Peaceful.
5. Hitchhikers. Haven't seen them in many years.
6. Parking is free everywhere. After living in Chicago and LA and paying for looking at a parking space, this was a nice surprise. The only fee I incurred was for a yearly Red Rock Pass for $20 to park at all the trailheads.

If you need to carve out a quiet place in your mind and want to connect with all the beauty that mother nature has to offer, come to Sedona. If you're looking for action, noise, commotion, distractions, go to Vegas :)

Have you ever visited Sedona? Tell me about it in the comments, I'd love to hear from you.


Laura said…
I want to move there now!
Sue Faunt said…
LOL Lauren, if you can, you should. If not, visit for a week!
Kathryn said…
I have visited and hated to leave. I'm not sure how you could after a year. LOL. When you say rent etc. Was good, did you rent an apartment in Sedona. I!m hoping to get back next year. Thanks for the blog.
Sue Faunt said…
Hi Kathryn,
It was hard to leave, I've been back once to visit and hope to get back there for another year. I did rent an apartment in Village of Oak Creek (right by Bell Rock). I live in southern Utah now and the red rocks here remind me of Sedona. We have a beautiful country when you get out and explore!

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