Saturday, June 14, 2014

Custom Memory Remembrance Stuffed Animal from TheFabricPhoenix on Etsy

My sister was expecting a new baby boy and she asked me if I could create a remembrance stuffed animal from our dads shirt. We lost our dad in 2001 and I had done this for my niece, Grace, when she was a baby from a shirt my mom gave me. It felt important to have this connection for Grace to a Grandpa she will never meet, but is always with her.

I searched Etsy for memory bears (the first one I did was a stuffed bear) and found this shop on Etsy, TheFabricPhoenix. After a few messages with the owner, I bought a monkey on March 13, 2014. The owner sent me a message to mail the shirt to her and it was then I noticed she was in the United Kingdom (I'm in the US). I did not read the entire listing and if I had known that before purchasing, I probably would not have done it. This shirt is too precious to risk sending out of the country, so I thought.

But, I am an online seller with a good reputation and she is too, so I rolled the dice. I mailed it Priority Mail to the UK (you should have seen the struggle in choosing insurance, this was so valuable there is no dollar amount that I could come up with) on 3/17/2014.

Dads shirt:
And then I started biting my nails. She received it on 3/24/2014 and sent me a quick message to let me know. On 4/2/2014 she sent me a picture of the monkey and let me know she is sending him tomorrow. Very nice customer service. I received the monkey on 4/18/2014 and he is perfect:
She used the collar from the shirt as his collar and the buttons too. The attention to detail and the artistry that went into recreating dads shirt into his grandsons new stuffed companion was professional and flawless.

So, thank you Cindy for doing such a great job! My nephew Blake is here and his monkey is in his crib with him. I highly recommend her services to anyone in the world!

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