New look, new waterproof labels, I hope you like them!

You asked, I listened and took action! I've had many requests for waterproof, smudge proof labels and they are here. This also presented an opportunity to redesign the logo and present you with a new, clean look.

The search for a new logo starts with a really nice font. After considering thousands of fonts, I finally chose the "A Simple Kind of Girl" font. The name also reflects the Somethin' Special personal style of keeping it simple with as few ingredients and additives as possible without sacrificing product quality and consistency. The font for the fragrance name label is called "Call Me Maybe" and adds a little touch of whimsy to each label.

The color palette is still a blend of blue, green, pink and yellow and I tried hard to give it curb appeal for my loyal lady customers as well as my growing male fan base. After testing many labels, I chose a white, glossy label with square corners and they are considered "weatherproof" which means waterproof, tear proof, smudge proof and sun fade resistant. And after much research, I chose a high quality color ink jet printer for sharp, clear text and images.

I hope it also increases the "giftability" factor, as many of you have stated you'd like to give these as gifts and desired a more polished, professional look.

I really hope you like the new look!!


Chloe Huber said…
So cute! I am happy you have waterproof labels now.
Sue Faunt said…
Thanks Chloe! Me too!
Katye Faulkner said…
Yay! Great idea on the waterproof labels! Can't wait to check them out on my next order. :)

You're a great business woman. Here's to you, your wonderful products and yo' biz! *
Sue Faunt said…
Thanks Katye! Can't do it without my lovely customers, you are the reason I keep on doing this!!

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