illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffe (No Sugar) is my New Favorite Drink
I love coffee, but I love it cold and easy to prepare. I found these 5 calorie sugar free cold coffee cans and tried them out. Love! I mix it with one with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (to get my calcium intake for the day) and a ton of ice cubes. Add straw. I set up the subscription service on Amazon, so they are auto-shipped to me every month and I get an additional 5% off.

illy issimo Caffè—bold, full-bodied, Italian espresso-style coffee drink with a touch of sweetness 100% natural Arabica coffee
No preservatives
OU-D Kosher
Sweetened with beet sugar
Offers a RTD coffee option for lactose intolerant consumers
6.8 fluid ounces (200 milliliters) per can
Nutritional Information: 45 calories - 0 grams of fat - 10 grams of sugar - 155 milligrams of caffeine

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