Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today I am loving Gelsens Thanksgiving ready to eat meals

gelsens dinner
This Thanksgiving was a small, quiet family get together and with all our busy schedules (and general ineptitude), no one wanted to cook a big feast. My brother mentioned Gelsens ready to eat meals, so I did a quick Google search and with a couple clicks on their site, ordered a feast that serves 8 people for $128.99.

I set it up for pickup on Thanksgiving day at 3-4 pm, enough time to cook it and eat during the Bears-Packers game. I showed up at Gelsens Newport Beach, CA at 3pm and was directed to the back by the deli counter. There was no line or waiting. I gave them my name, they brought out the turkey and sides with detailed cooking instructions attached. After they verified everything was there, I went to checkout and paid.

I didn't do the cooking, but when it was done, everything was hot and delicious at the same time. We all enjoyed the dinner and the Bears won the game. If you want a big meal with hardly any prep and delicious ingredients, give Gelsens a try. They have all kinds of different meals for all different holidays.

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