12 in 1 Sports Wear Solid Headband, Face Mask and More...Review


Hiking in stealth mode :) Except for the ever present Chicago Bears hat, of course.

Even though I live in Southern California and there are no mosquitoes, there still are bugs and they are thirsty and looking for water in this major drought. Most of them find it in the sweat on my face and it's so very annoying. I searched for a simple solution and found it on Amazon, of course. This easy to use 12 in 1 piece of fabric can be used 12 different ways. I used it as a face mask and it protected my nose and mouth from inhaling those pesky little bugs buzzing around my face. It's thin enough where you don't feel like your are suffocating. And when it's not being used, I just pull it down and wear it around my neck to help wick up sweat. And it comes in 11 different colors for only $7.95. Love it.

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