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Etsy changed their search algorithm on Nov. 4th, 2015 (announcement here) and I tinkered with a few ways to increase views and found some that are working for me.
They say you should "think like your buyer" and "search like your buyer", but I found myself using the same old tired keywords and keyphrases. Perfume. Fragrance. Perfume Fragrance. You get the drift.

I thought I'd tap into the wealth of information that is Etsy Stats and use that data to refine my keywords. It is a very important search element and a key way that potential buyers have and will find me.

I started doing this every day in November and stopped recently when business got too busy and my time is better used shipping orders.

First I checked my stats for the year and mined any keywords I'd been under-utilizing. When I discovered that my buyers just don't search by product (perfume oil or perfume roll on), but by fragrance, I added the the pertinent fragrance notes to all my titles and keywords. I noticed lots of people searched for jasmine perfume or vanilla perfume or chocolate or cookie or candy perfume. I included those keywords .... now this is important ... ONLY IN THE RELEVANT LISTING. Meaning I did not keyword spam, if it's a jasmine scent, I did not put candy or cookie perfume tags, even if those are popular search terms.

Then every single morning for 30 days I checked my stats from yesterday. I would see what keywords were bringing in eyeballs and which listing Etsy was sending them to. Then I would optimize that listing with the proper keyword/keyphrases that Etsy showed me. I'd usually place them in the tags, sometimes in the titles and descriptions if it helped better describe the product to anyone viewing the listing (once again, think like your buyers).

If there aren't enough keywords, then I'd look at the Most Active listings and the Listing Favorites. I'd polish them up and make sure they were up to date.

So, how did this perform? I checked my stats from the same time, 11/4/2014 - 12/20/2014 and 11/4/2015 - 12/20/2015. I know this is the holiday season, but everything was UP in 2015!

Views 2014/2015

Favorites 2014/2015

Orders 2014/2015

Revenue +$1,515.85

This is my process and results, I just thought I'd share it and hopefully, it can help someone else. I'm not an Etsy or SEO expert, I'm just a gal making a living selling stuff online.

Update: Even with the continued search improvements by Etsy on 1/28/2016 (here's a link) I've still had great results using this method. It also helps me hone in on what my customers like and want, which helps inspire new ideas on how I can best serve them and add value to their interaction with my business.

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Do you have any Etsy hacks or tips that have worked for you? Please post them in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you! And here's a link to my Etsy shop, just so you know I'm legit!


April said…
Thank You for all this information. I look forward to trying these tips. As always, I enjoy reading your blogs!

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