Price Increases *has a sick stomach typing this*

Hi everyone,

After analyzing my supplies and materials cost increases and the upcoming USPS postal rate increase, I'm going to have to raise my prices across the board. I've put off doing this for a couple years, even with a few USPS and raw materials price increases.

I despise raising prices. Even if I lose a few bucks, I'd rather do that than increase my price to you, my loyal buyers. I have a sick stomach as I type this, just because I know how hard everyone works for their money and the fact that you choose to spend it on my scented goodies fills me with great joy. I know you can go anywhere else and buy most of my items or do without them.

Please consider this as a 14 day notice of the price increases, they probably won't go into effect until beginning of January, 2016. Some may happen sooner, depending on how quickly I sell out of lower priced inventory, but the bulk won't happen until around January 1st-3rd, 2016. Most products will be raised $1-$4.

I'm adding in a few more options on the most popular item, such as quantity discounts, so you'll have a chance to buy more and keep your costs down. I am keeping the mini-perfumes sample set at $6 with the option to get a one-time replacement or store credit on any scents you may not like. And you can still get 2 free sniffies with every paid order. I'm looking at adding more value gift sets with more variety (suggestions welcome!).

Things I won't do to cut costs:
1. Dilute my fragrance oils.
2. Buy lower quality, cheaper ingredients, product packaging and fragrance oils.
3. Use cheaper shipping packaging which would result in more damaged products during shipping.
4. Go back to cheaper, non-waterproof labels.
5. The worst case: close the business.

Things I will try to do:
1. Take advantage of bulk sales of the supplies I do use to keep down costs.
2. Run sales on bulk items bought to pass the discounts to you.
3. Ship as fast as possible.
4. Offer more double and triple rewards points deals.

Another way to help keep the product prices down is to make sure to use my Amazon Affiliate Link whenever you buy anything on Amazon. I get a tiny commission and it doesn't cost you a penny. Please bookmark this link as your Amazon link to make sure you use it every time you buy on Amazon:

And always be sure and check your rewards points! They are there to reward you for your continued support and to be used. They never expire, so be sure and redeem them.

As always, your feedback and input is critically valuable to me. Please email me at with any suggestions, concerns or if you just want to complain with me :)

Grabbing the Pepto,


Kelly said…
I am 100% loyal to your products and will continue shopping with you. I think most of us understand the difficulties involved in owning a small business. And everyone should use the Amazon referral link! It's easy-peasy!
Awwww Sue bless your heart ❤️ You have wonderful products, fast shipping and great customer service. I'll still shop with you! Merry Christmas ����
Sue Faunt said…
Thanks sweetie, I appreciate it & Merry Christmas to you too!

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