Insta-Bed Air Mattress Review
I need a really good quality air mattress to use for visitors and the few days during my moves when I'm without a bed. I grabbed this one and am really happy with it. First of all, it's high, as high as a couch, so you don't feel like you're sleeping on the floor. It has 3 dial settings for plush, medium and firm, so you can adjust how soft or firm you want your mattress. And it has whisper quiet never flat pump tech, so it never deflates. Period. And you don't hear it inflating in the middle of the night and if it loses air, it quietly replaces it. Genius.

It uses standard sheets and they never seem to roll up or off, so there's no struggling with keep the fitted sheet firm on the  mattress.

It comes with a handy carrying bag. To make it easier to wrap up when it's time to go back in the storage bag, I hold down the deflate dial and just roll up the mattress and pop it into the bag. No struggling with getting it to fit again. After my mom came to visit, she went home and bought one for her company.

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