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I've been playing with Etsy Promoted Listings since they were announced in 2014. After getting a few $30 and $40 Promoted Listing monthly bills (not Etsy Seller Fees, but added to that), I tried to come up with a strategy to minimize my costs and maximize the sales produced.

First I just put everything in my shop into Promoted Listings. I'm relying on Etsy to sort through the products and give everyone an equal share of views (or impressions). I don't want to be that one seller that just pops up everywhere, I only want to show up when it's relevant to the Etsy users search. Based on Etsy recent search changes, it looks like that's how search is being modified.

Also, I made sure that my titles, descriptions and tags were all updated and relevant. To see that process, check out this blog post.

Now I considered the absolute maximum I would pay for a click. I set it at .05 cents. To do this, click on Settings (upper right hand corner), go to the Maximum Cost Per Click Section and click Add Max Bid and type in .05. This will set .05 as your maximum bid for a click on everything you are promoting. I also have a daily budget of $1.00 and clicked on Yes, promote new listings, as seen below.

Now I played with this number until I hit the sweet spot, which for me and my type of product is .05 cents. You may have a different approach and you can test it out by raising or lowering your maximum cost per click. My click through rate (clicks divided by impressions) is 1.6% (the same as before my experiment) and my expenses are about 5% of the sales produced, which is a decrease from 11%. I'm happy with that ratio and now I just scan the listings that are producing the highest impressions (you can sort your listings by impressions in the Listing stats and bid management section) and clicks (same).

One of the perks of Promoted Listings is the Revenue Analytics. You can find the link on the Revenue tab:
Click on the Search Terms tab and it will show you the top performing search terms with notes on the ones that have the highest click rate:
Make sure are you utilizing these search terms in your relevant listings.

I hope this helps!! Do you have any Etsy hacks or tips that have worked for you? Please post them in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you! And here's a link to my Etsy shop, just so you know I'm legit!


Lusine said…
Hello Sue, thanks for explaining all tis. I had no idea how to go about promoting. I that promoting is just putting a star next to my item in listing... Silly me.
Thank you. I jus try 11 items so far, I did same numbers as yours. And I will check them these 2-3 days to see if the views or clicks are growing. If yes, I will promote ALL my listings.

I am very happy that I stumbled upon your blog. I opened my store coupe years ago and noting moves, seems like the is frozen for me.
Well, I hope I will see something cheerful within next some days.

Thanks again.
Lusine from BeezyBeeArts
April said…
Thank you Sue for all this information. I am anxious to apply this to my shop. I will let you know how successful it is!

With Joy,

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