Home Fragrancing with Wax Tarts & Fragrance Oils - But How? In What?

I often get asked about the best way to fragrance your home with wax tarts or fragrance oils. Here's a list of my favorites:

1. The wall plug-in electric tart or oil warmer: This is my favorite because it doesn't take up any counter or dresser space and also doubles as a night light. It can scent a room with a couple small tarts or fill the bowl with water and add a few drops of fragrance or essential oils. The only downside is that it does take a light bulb, so if you use it frequently, buy a couple extras and keep them readily available.

2. Electric table-top tart warmer: Since it uses an electric hot plate to warm the tarts or oils, you do not have to worry about replacing light bulbs. But, it's not a night light and it does take up counter or dresser space. The bowl is bigger, so you can warm more tarts at one time or fill with water and drops of fragrance or essential oil, which will allow you to scent your larger rooms.

3. Tea-light oil diffuser: This is good in a pinch, it's really low cost and you don't need electricity to use it. But, it does use a candle and if you have pets or kids, open flames are kind of a no-no. The bowl is small, so you can warm a small tart or fill with water and add a few drops of fragrance or essential oils. The scenting effects will only last as long as your candle is burning and tea-lights have about a 2-3 hour burn time.


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