What's the difference between Essential Oils (EO's) & Fragrance Oils (FO's)?

Essential oils are extracted directly from a plant, usually steam distilled from the leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, tops or fruits of the plant. Perfume or fragrance oils are made in a lab and are either fully synthetic or a combination of synthetic and essential oils.

Currently I only carry 2 all natural certified 100% pure essential oils, Patchouli & Lavender. The rest of the fragrances are 100% synthetic fragrance oils or a blend of essential and fragrance oils.

Because there are so many scents that you cannot extract from a plant and they just smell so good, most of my oils are fragrance oils. It is impossible to extract scent from a marshmallow or bubblegum, but these are some of the best sellers. Why? Because they smell amazingly good and when you smell something good, you like it and feel happy.

I can tell you all my fragrance oils are:

1. DEP Phthalate Free
2. Gluten Free
3. Vegan
4. Cruelty Free
5. Paraben Free
6. Alcohol Free
7. Always Fresh

I only buy body safe oils, that is why you will never see anything with cinnamon, cranberries, black cherries, anything that can be a skin irritant. And since I only buy body safe oils, they are safe to apply to the skin undiluted in small quantities. And since they are undiluted, a little goes a long way, you don't need much to smell great. But, as with any beauty and body product, always patch test on your skin first. I personally test every oil on myself before adding it to my scent list.

Ways to use the fragrance oils:
Put a few drops onto a cotton ball, rub on your wrists and neck for a quick and easy fragrant body perfume
Pop the cotton ball into your pillowcase for sweetly scented dreams
Add a few drops to an empty spray bottle, add water, shake well and spray
Put a few drops in your tea-light oil burner (with water)
Put a few drops in your electric tart warmer
Put a few drops on your cloth car floor mats or place a scented cotton ball under your car seats
Add a few drops to a warm bath
Make your own candles, tarts and bath & body products


April said…
That is very good information...Thank you, Sue!

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