On the move again, next stop: St. George, UT - Closed 5/23/16 to 5/27/16

Owning an internet business allows me to live anywhere in the world, so instead of settling on one place, I'm exploring a bunch of places. My next chosen city to try for a year is St. George, Utah.

I'm often asked, why? Cause I can. I'm single, in good health and not getting any younger. The hiking and wanderlust bug has bit me hard and I'd regret it forever if I didn't at least try it out. And why there? I found that I love warmer year round weather, so after studying city data weather patterns, I try not to venture too far above 37 degrees latitude North. I also love hiking and mountain climbing, so I search the map for any green areas which denote National State Parks. And then I pick a city close to those green areas. So, as you can see from the below Google Map pic, St. George looks ideal:

I have the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve to the north, Zion National Park to the east and the Grand Canyon to the south and so much more to explore.

So I'll be closing up shop on May 23rd, packing up my stuff and driving to UT on May 26th. I'll reopen on May 30th from my new place. I'll be checking emails and all the social media places while I'm gone, so reach out to me with any questions!!

Here's a recap of the cities so far:
Chicago, IL (where I lived for most of my life)
Orange, CA
Sedona, AZ
San Marcos, CA
Irvine, CA
Currently: St. George, UT
Next up: Durango, CO

If you have any suggestions on where to try next, please leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said…
The aloha state! I live in Hawaii -plenty of hiking and warm weather here! Plus waterfalls, rainbows, and beaches :)
Sue Faunt said…
Very tempting & a good idea!! Thanks!
Risa said…
Hey Sue,
Enjoy it while you can, i find it to be rather exciting, and wish i could do just what you are doing...Have a safe move...
NIBsmf said…
I admire your courage and spontaneity! You and I seem drawn to the same type of places. I enjoyed Durango from the short time I spent there last summer during a trip, but I didn't think that it stays warm there year-round. I dream of living in Boulder out of all the places I visited in CO. It definitely doesn't stay warm there year-round, though. Have you thought about Asheville, NC? I went there recently and loved it as much as people told me I would... it's surrounded by beautiful mountains and is a very hippie type city. Or what about somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, such as Eugene OR? Another cute and progressive small city...
Jenny Bucket said…
I lived near St. George for years and I have kept asking hubby to go back! You being the hiker will be in absolute heaven! Check out Moab as well. I love watching what city is next for you- this is awesome!! I hope to grow my shop so we, too, can do the same! Good luck on the next leg of your amazing journey!!
Sue Faunt said…
All great ideas, keep 'em coming! I love it! I will definitely check out Moab, I drove through there twice & def want to explore it more. I really want to explore the PNW, maybe soon, you never know! Never thought of NC, will keep it in my radar.

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