Why I sell designer duplicate perfumes

When I initially started somethinspecial.com, my intention was to NOT carry any designer duplicates. I truly appreciate the hard work it takes to design a fragrance (having designed a few myself) and I have a deep admiration for some of the beautiful blends created.

But, as my little business grew, I kept getting many desperate requests for discontinued scents. So, I got in a couple scents, tested them out with you, my customers, and decided to honor one of the core values of my company: listen to my customers and give them what they want.

As I started adding the discontinued duplicates to the fragrance list, I started getting requests for current name brand scents. The main reasons are:
a) I offer high quality, tested matches
b) I can offer them in a product that the original designer chose not to, such as bath salts or a solid perfume or a wax tart melt, made fresh especially for your order
c) at a more affordable price.

Even with my extensive and ever growing fragrance list, I get about 5 to 6 requests every week for new scents. And I love the emails telling me that my buyers thought they'd never smell their favorite scent again, one that brought back many happy memories. That's why I love what I do.


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