DIY Spa Pamper Time Gift Set Tutorial

I love adding my products to some fun spa set items and packaging it up really cute, so I thought I'd share one of my projects with you. Except for my products, everything is from the Dollar Tree, so it's definitely budget friendly.

Round pink gift box $1
Purple travel brush/mirror combo $1
Pink shower sponge $1
Purple nail polish $1
Hair clip 3-pack (only using 1) .33
Tissue paper pack (only using a couple) .25

1 oz bubble bath
1 oz massage oil
2 oz tropical butter cream
Bought as a Create Your Own Set with 10% discount $21.60

Grand total: $26.18

1. Take a piece of yellow tissue paper and wrap the bubble bath and massage oil, put it in the bottom of the box.
2. Cut a piece of green tissue paper in half and wrap the polish with one half and the brush with the other half, add it to the box.
3. Cut a piece of blue tissue paper in half, wrap the tropical butter cream and tuck it into the box.
4. Take one of the clips and clip it to the hanging ribbon on the pink sponge. Place the clip in the box.
5. Put the lid on the box.
6. Flip the sponge to the top of the box and secure it to the lid with a pieced of tape. Instant spa night!!
Thanks for checking out my tutorial, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment!



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