DIY Natural Body Products Holiday Gift Set Tutorial

I took all my natural body product items and packaged them up really cute, so I thought I'd share this project with you. Except for my products, everything is from the Dollar Tree, so it's definitely budget friendly.

Noel holiday tin $1
Pumice stone $1
Natural bath sponge $1
Compact pocket mirror $1
Sleep mask $1
Tissue paper pack (only using a couple) .25

1 oz body powder
1 oz massage oil
1/2 oz solid perfume
2 oz bath salts
All are natural products and bought as a Create Your Own Set with 10% discount $29.70

Grand total: $34.95

1. Cut a piece of red tissue paper in fourths, wrap up the body powder and bath salts.
2. Place in tin.
3. Cut a piece of green tissue paper in fourths, wrap up the solid perfume and massage oil.
4. Place in tin.
5. Use the green tissue paper to wrap up the pumice stone and mirror.
6. Place in tin.
7. Use one of the red tissue paper pieces to wrap up the folded sleep mask.
8. Place in tin.
9. Put the top on the tin and place the bath sponge on top.
10. I had some extra red mesh ribbon and a snowflake from different project (both from Dollar Tree), which I used to finish wrapping.
11. You can also tape the sponge to the lid or use any old ribbon or even natural twine to finish wrapping.
Thanks for checking out my tutorial and I hope you liked it, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment!



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