It's time for the annual RAOK - Random Act Of Kindness Event

Do you know someone who is struggling this holiday season and could use a little surprise gift to cheer them up?

If you can supply their name and address, I'd be happy to send them out one of these 5 different holiday stocking gift sets. Stocking color may vary. Click this link to check them out:

Five different stocking sets
You can choose which one and which fragrances they may like or I can choose for you. The gift tag can be signed with your name or just "someone who cares" (anonymously).

Please email me your requests at This is first-come first-serve. All gift sets must be sent to someone else, not yourself. Only available in the 50 United States, sorry, no international addresses.

If someone has recently extended a random act of kindness towards you or you've done it for someone else, please comment below, I'd love to hear from you! It's always great to hear happy stories around the holidays.


Violet said…
This is wonderful. I love that you are doing this. Sharing your site info! I LOVE your products.
Sue Faunt said…
Thank you Violet!! I love doing this, it's one of the favorite parts of the holiday for me!!
Anonymous said…
You are an awesome etailer. I have never encounter small online businesses to give out raok. I will bookmark my amazon to support your business. Thank you for sharing your joy to folks that need cheering up!.
Nancy L.
ps. I hope you are enjoying life in your new home. However, nothing beats California's weather!
Sue Faunt said…
Hey Nancy,
I've having so much fun shipping these out! It's more of a gift for me :)
Thanks for the support & clicking thru Amazon.
And yes, Cali weather is 2nd to none!

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