Friday, December 30, 2016

Price increases for 2017

I got hit pretty hard with prices increases in 2016, I'm sure you are all getting a taste of this as well in your personal lives. My credit card processor adds a few percentage points, then USPS and FedEx increase their prices. Not only do my outgoing packages cost more to ship, I get hit with higher shipping charges on my incoming packages, so my raw materials costs go up.

So, based on all these factors, I'll be increasing my prices in January 2017. It will be about 5-20% increase, with some staying the same and some going up 20%.

The biggest hit will be the sample size oils, which are the best sellers, but the area I've gotten the highest price increases. Luckily, I've created a new pricing system that will reduce your cost per sample if you buy a few more. So if you buy 1, you can add another oil for $1 (for the 5/8 drams) or $2 (for the 1 drams).

And, as I've said before, I do not pay for any advertising (relying on word of mouth and social media shares), so any money I save in buying surplus, specials and closeouts oils and materials, I will pass on to you in the form of more free samples with orders, the RAOK event, giveaways, free sniffies, no risk sample set and sale specials. I also will not inflate your prices to compensate for an advertising budget, I'd rather just give it straight to you, my loyal fragrance fans.

This is also another reason I do not sell wholesale, I'd have to double my prices to give the resellers a profit incentive. And once it leaves my hands, I cannot guarantee freshness, sterility and no product tampering (adding cheaper oils, tampering, such as dipping unclean fingers into lotions, etc.). I recently ran across this graphic, which is sad, but true:

One thing that will help keep my costs down and my ability to offer more deals, is if you can please use my Amazon link for all your Amazon purchases. Just bookmark this link and you never have to worry about looking up my link before you buy (and who's got time for that, when you go on Amazon, you want it now!!): 

As always, your feedback and input is critically valuable to me. Please email me at with any suggestions, concerns or if you just want to complain with me :)


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