DIY Valentines Day Nail Care Set Tutorial

I've become quite the Dollar Tree gift set making monster and Valentines Day is no exception. Dollar Tree has a ton of cute tins to choose from, I liked this one the best (better pic below).

Valentines Day square tin $1
Pink LA Colors nail polish $1
Pair of heart light up rings $1
4 piece manicure set $1
Pumice stone $1
Mini nail files $1
Bag of red crinkle paper fill $1

.5 oz Solid Perfume (makes an excellent cuticle cream & heel cream)
2 oz 99% Natural Body Butter (will soften any skin, anywhere, especially hands & feet)
Bought as a Create Your Own Set with 10% discount $22.50

Grand Total: $29.50

1. Place the nail files, pumice stone and manicure set in the tin:
2. Open crinkle fill and lay down a layer, then add in the rest of the items:
3. Cover everything with the crinkle fill:
4. Done!! Add a cute Valentines Day card and give to your sweetie!
Thanks for checking out my tutorial and I hope you liked it, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment!



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