Ideas to reuse and recycle glass perfume and essential oil bottles

Everyone loves the little perfume oil samples I offer and I often get asked how can I reuse and recycle the little glass perfume oil bottles?

If you'd like to send them back to me to sanitize and recycle, email me with your request at Pack them up and return them to me and I'll refund the shipping costs via PayPal or a store rewards points credit upon receipt.

Or, here's a few ideas on how you can recycle them yourself:

Before you wash them, you can stick a Q-Tip in the bottle for 24 hours to soak up every last bit of fragrance. Use the Q-Tip to scent any small spaces, such as shoes, stick it in your pillowcase, put it under your car seat or in your vacuum cleaner bag.

Then wash the bottles with hot water and soap, then let them dry thoroughly.

If you are a jewelry maker, you can use them to store your beads. The bottles are clear and you can easily see the color and quantity of your bead inventory.

 If you like to do fancy nail art, use the bottles to store your nail glitter, decals, jewels, etc.

You can also store your sewing supplies for quick and easy access to your pins, needles and safety pins:

Are you always digging around for earring backs? Store your extras in a little bottle for easy access when you need them.

Do you have a clever way to reuse these bottles? If so, please share it in the comments.


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