Zeus Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

I've been searching for a really good set of Bluetooth headphones for quite awhile. My experience has been very Goldilocks, they were too bulky, or bad connection, or short battery life and never "just right". So with trepidation, I ordered in a the Zeus Sport Bluetooth headphones and took them out for a test drive.

The earpieces looked a little bulky compared to my earbuds, but when I put them on, I could hardly feel them. They came with many different silicone and foam ear tip sizes. I first tried out the foam ear tips and they were really noise cancelling, which was only an issue since I use them on my daily hikes and could not hear bikers coming up behind me or other hikers trying to talk to me, even with the volume down. They worked too well in that regard. So I switched to the silicone ear tips and they are just right.

My first couple test runs resulted in great audio quality, they were very sweat resistant and seemed to hold a charge really well. So I tried them out on a major 15-mile day hike to the top of Santa Fe Baldy at 12,600'. The super sweaty hike took me almost 7 hours and I used the headphones for about 6 of those hours and they held a charge and connectivity the entire time.

The only tiny complaint I have is the charging port cover is very flimsy and doesn't really keep the port covered adequately. Eventually it looks like it may fall off, but so far it's stayed on, as long as I wiggle it a bit.

I recommend these to any hikers or runners or fitness people who need some high quality, reliable headphones.

Here's a few shots from my Santa Fe Baldy climb:


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